Inspirational pioneers of renewable energy reunited…

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Doing some dull but necessary paperwork this morning, I turned on Radio 4 as a distraction and it was one of those lovely serendipitous moments… I found myself listening intently to ‘The Reunion’, and the story of the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, set up by a group of passionate, dedicated and utterly committed individuals, 40 years ago. They were, in their words, at the forefront of the future; the avant garde of the move to changing our relationship with energy, something that so many of us are trying, in big and small ways, to continue.  imagesWhat I took from listening to their story was that its not too late! We can hope for and be pro-active in change; that change starts with REDUCING energy use, which costs nothing AND I’m going to follow their ZERO CARBON BRITAIN campaign with interest.

It was an inspirational story of inspirational people – so I’m sharing the link with you and and I encourage you to find 45 minutes to hear it for yourself.