Our future energy?

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Energy2Reports are indicating that the green industry will suffer further under Osborne’s autumn statement plans. (https://www.solarpowerportal.co.uk) Unsurprisingly, Oil and Gas companies, and the Big Six energy companies, look set to prosper more, at the expense of the country’s poorest households.  So, it will be harder (and it wasn’t easy) to turn to renewables, harder to save energy (in the Autumn Statement plans, the Govt will reduce Energy Company’s obligations to provide free insulation and home improvements for the poorer homes). Instead, the country will rely more heavily on oil, gas (fracking) and the highly controversial nuclear industry for its future energy.

Osborne’s time frame is a political one; short term, fast gain. If we think about this dilemma in other terms – morally, ecologically – we must stretch that time frame to include future generations.  Can we bring forward the action needed  – start now to take real steps towards the future energy that we know we will be forced to turn to in the end? Oil is peaking, shale gas is untested at best, dangerous at worst and nuclear has catastrophic effects.

What do you want your future energy to look like?  Solar pv is just one of many – big and small –  options we have available take to make our future energy sustainable.  Yes, it will require some effort, and up front cost (though some small things are free, or very cheap, to do) to improve our homes to save energy and generate renewable energy but there are still incentives and subsidies out there to be had. For future energy to look bright, what steps can you take now?

In our next blog we’ll post some suggestions and steps that we’ve taken already.