From start to finish, you can expect the Solar-rise process to go something like this (give or take the odd freak snow-storm)….

  • Initial site survey to view, measure, assess the site, and discuss options – provide information and guidance if required (you may already know what you want)
  • Provide email quotation.
  • Follow up contact to discuss quotation and, if you want to go ahead, book the job in and agree a timescale. At this point we will revise the quotation if necessary.
  • Provide a formalised quotation.
  • Contracts signed.
  • Second site visit if required.
  • Installation normally takes between 1 to 5 days.
  • After installation, we will set up any apps required for the solar monitoring and a final handover to inform you of any necessary maintenance of your system. All manuals relating to the solar inverter and solar panels will be left with you.
    Before we depart we ensure you have our numbers and contact information should you need to call us with any further questions. We will also ask you for feedback on our service.
  • A year later: We do an email check up to make sure all is running as it should be and the Solar PV yield is in line with expectations. We also enquire as to your experiences with regards to the SEG etc to pass onto other customers.