Cash and conscience… a double winner

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You may already have truly ‘greened up’ your life and home with solar pv, solar thermal or even a wind turbine in your back garden and be reaping the – cash and conscience!- benefits. And, with the recent grants for cavity wall and loft insulation, lots of us have taken that step too. The many smaller changes – lightbulbs, door seals etc – are simple and cheap and it seems almost second nature now to make these minor adjustments.

So, if you’ve done all the small things, then is 2013 the year to get the cavity wall and loft insulation? And, if you’ve done all the small AND the medium sized changes, then maybe 2013 is the year to make a major step?  With the Green Deal launching this month (see for more information), financial help is at hand. We’re just learning ourselves how this new scheme will pan out, but if it means more people can access renewable energy for their homes, then it seems a good thing. Its important also to reiterate that the costs of solar pv are dropping and the upfront cost of a system may not be as much as you imagine.  After the rocky roads of 2012, we’re still here, installing systems for happy customers. We want to keep doing it in 2013, not just because we want the work (though of course we do!) but because we know it will make a significant difference to ‘greening up’ your home, save you money and give you a shining conscience to boot!