Case Studies show Solar-rise solar pv installations performing up to 18% better than projected figures

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Our recent annual check ups on installations from 2012 are consistently showing between 7% and 18% increased performance on the projected figures from the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP – a legally required, standardised calculation for predicting the performance of your installation).

Here are some of the figures from these case studies, including the lowest (still an increase of 7%) and the highest (18%) performing pv installations for 2012 –

  • Rugby Road, BN1: SAP predicted 3401 kW; actual was 3950 kW; therefore 16% higher performance.
  • Chester Terrace, BN1: predicted 1200 kW in year 1;  actual reading 1392 kW; therefore 16%  higher
  • Hythe Road, BN1: SAP predicted 1200kW reading was 1420 kW; therefore 18% higher
  • Bristol Gardens BN1: SAP predicted 1227kW, reading was 1547kW, therefore 11% increase
  • Florence Road, BN1: SAP predicted 2084 kW; actual reading was 2224 kW; therefore 7% higher
  •  Shenfield Way, BN1:  SAP predicted 2393 kW; actual reading was 2772.7 kW; therefore 15% higher
  • Forest Row, RH18: SAP predicated 1228 kW; actual reading was 1350.4; therefore 10% higher.