About Us

Solar-rise is a partnership between Stephen Boakes and Paul O’Reilly, based in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex.

We are a small, flexible outfit – the two of us do most of the work, bringing in others as and when required – keeping our overheads to minimum and offering an accessible and affordable service to households in the region. Solar-rise does not operate with large sales teams, hefty advertising budgets and glossy presentation packs. Word-of-mouth has proved to be our best marketing tool!

About Stephen Boakes and Paul O’Reilly

Stephen and Paul have known each other since they were 2 months old! They went to Tarnerland nursery together and have lived in most of their lives in the sunshine city of Brighton and Hove.

Paul and Stephen, aged 3, Brighton Beach

Paul is a highly experienced carpenter-builder; he also is an expert chicken keeper and guitar player.  Stephen is a fully qualified (NAPIT) electrician, works also on international tour production for bands, plays didgeridoo and occasionally paints.

For many years (long before FITs were introduced) Paul and Stephen have shared a keen interest in renewables (renewable energy production) and in particular solar power as a sustainable, alternative source of energy.

Stephen and Paul are both fully trained and qualified to design, install and certify renewable energy solar PV systems.

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