What we do

We design and install bespoke solar PV panel systems for both domestic and commercial clients. Solar Rise has been installing PV systems since 2010. We are also certificated installers of battery storage systems, electric vehicle chargers and solar power diverters. Additionally, we also offer maintenance and repair of existing systems. (Installed by others as well as our own of course). With the recent changes to the Government’s financial incentive for solar PV Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) we understand that it can seem confusing, so we make it our job to answer questions and provide clear information, with no selling involved!

Why us and not another company?

Solar rise is MCS approved, therefore the systems we install benefit directly from the SEG (more info here). Solar-rise is a small, independent partnership (more about us here) operating in Brighton, Hove and the South East. We have earned excellent feedback and reviews that we take great pride in. (See reviews here).

Why do we do it?

Because we genuinely believe that solar energy plays a valuable part in the transfer to renewable energy that is happening (and MUCH needed). AND we’ve done the maths and can see its a good idea! With the SEG and the savings on electricity, consumers can still expect an excellent return on their investment. Many installations are paying for themselves within a few years, as well as saving around a tonne of CO2 per year.

Here is a short film made by one of our clients, Andy Nicholls, to guide others through the decision making process.